international teaser

mun 2021

Despite the Coronavirus and increasing numbers - especially in Bavaria - 296 students from thirteen different schools in six different countries have come together in Munich,

in order to discuss social, economic and political issues, trying to find solutions to combat inequality, to fight injustice, to ensure peace and to make this world a better place.
That is what Model United Nations is about. And we are part of it (the only German public school admitted here!).
Having arrived yesterday, after a long journey by train, we have started the real conference early this morning. Dressed in business attire (and looking awesome), we work hard trying to participate in the debates, to share our opinions and to write resolutions with our fellow delegates from other countries. This year we represent France and New Zealand.
We are looking forward to meeting new people, having fruitful debates, and reaching new goals.
It even feels like a first step back to normality! Many greetings from Munich from highly motivated and diligent young students and Mrs. Dyroff and Mrs. Ende.

Tuesday, 16th November 2021