titel linguagymbo

On a cloudy Wednesday I went to school. Suddenly I heard a thunder. And then a lightning hit a tree in front of me. The tree began to burn. I quickly took out my mobile phone to call the fire department. But because it was raining so heavily my phone got wet and exploded. I was hit by the explosion and I became powerless.

When I woke up I was in a hospital. My head hurt very much and my T-shirt was smeared with blood! Then a nurse came. She said: "Oh good, you are awake. You were in coma for three days because you had a very big head injury. You were lying on the street and an old man with a big moustache saw you and called the hospital." Then she looked at her watch. "Hm, in five minutes visiting hours start. Then your mother comes." The nurse gave me the remote for the TV. After that she went away. I didn`t want to watch TV. After 6 minutes my mother was running into the room and fell on me. She cried. I didn`t know if that was because of sadness or happiness that I was still alive. She hugged me and talked to me. After thirty minutes my mum had to go. 

For five weeks I had to stay in the hospital. Then I could go home and I could go back to school. All my friends asked me about my accident. And I was talking a lot. After three days my parents said that they have two little surprises for me. They gave me a little cage with a little bird in it. Suddenly the bird said: "Hello, my name is Mr Budgie." I was so happy about the bird. Then my parents gave me the second surprise: two tickets for Katy Perry concert! I couldn`t believe it. 

On the next day I told all people and during the break the cutest boy of the school, David, came to me and said that if I needed a person to go to the concert with, he wanted to go with me there. I was so happy and I said yes. After two months David and I went to the Katy Perry concert. We had so much fun and after this David and I became a couple. But after the concert Mr Budgie, my bird, told me something. He said: "David is a liar. He already had a girlfriend, Tracy!" 

On the next day I saw David with Tracy and they were kissing! I went to David and hit him. Mr Budgie was right: David was a liar! And now I knew, Mr Budgie was the coolest of all!  Later, when I wasn`t a child any more, Mr Budgie and I became secret agents. We solved many cases and when I became old, I died of a brain tumour and Mr. Budgie because of infirmity.


Lena Pless, 7c