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mun1-220With this report I want to thank all the people who enabled this experience for me.
As the delegate of India I had an important function in the debates. At the beginning I was unsure about how to start a speech or how to pose a question the right way, as it is done in the real UN.

But soon my difficulties were solved because I got great help either from my fellow delegates or from my lovely presidents. As mentioned, my president and also my vice-president were very nice, helpful and understanding. I was also very lucky to be in the Commission of Sustainable Development (CSD) because I am interested in the topics which we discussed. The delegates in my commission were friendly and I soon made friends with a few of them. My group consisted mostly of experienced students because it wasn't their first time at MUNOH but after some time the difference wasn't noticeable and the debates went very well. We had many funny incidents like as a bee flying into the classroom and everyone went crazy. Also I liked the fact that at least half of the group came from other countries such as USA, Denmark or Poland.
One of our resolutions had 24 amendments which showed in a very impressive way how much time and how much effort we put into it to make it a perfect resolution.
I held two or three speeches and also posed questions. I remember that I was extremely nervous at my first speech but not later than by my second one did I become more confident and felt good standing in front of the group.

As already said I am very thankful and especially proud that I was a part of this project. I had an excellent time at MUNOH and would do this week all over again if I had the chance. Furthermore, I am really looking forward to New York because I think it is an even more exciting experience to be at the UN building. Again I want to thank the presidents, organizers, add-staff and especially my teacher for making this time possible. 

(Anita S., S1)